Craigslist provides you with one-of-a-kind platform to advertise your business/product or services at the cheap rates and in some section totally FREE!


With such a popular website offering premium quality services for free, millions of users have been using it for marketing their businesses.


The competition has gotten tougher by the day and so have Craigslist Terms and Conditions. Effective marketing through Craigslist is not as easy as before. You have to be careful of a lot of things after posting your ad like ghosting, flagging etc.


One small mistake can lead to the disruption of your whole Craigslist Marketing Campaign which can translate into a big loss of time and money for you.


Today, we are going to share with you some tested and tried tips and tricks to optimize your Craigslist Marketing Campaign so that you don’t have to worry about problems like ghosting and flagging anymore.


Read on to find out!

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How to Optimize your Craigslist Marketing Campaign

1- Creating One-of-a-Kind Title


To get the maximum attention directed towards your ad, you title game has to be really strong.


Long, boring, really descriptive titles don’t cut it anymore. The competition demands you to be more creative than that!


The best thing to do while creating titles for your ad is to keep you tone casual and conversational. Highlight the most fascinating attribute of your product, business or service and use unique symbols in the start and end of the title to make your title stand out from the rest of the ads.


2- Using Images that Speak


Nowadays, to run an effective ad campaign on Craigslist with real results that can be converted into leads, you have to make images an integral part of your ads.


Images must be of good quality and show all the aspects of your product that you are describing in your ad.


3- Proper Use of Keywords


Using the keywords properly is one of the most important ways to control your Craigslist Ad Campaign to reach its maximum potential.


Keywords are the words that help you target your requisite audience.


For example, if you want to rent out a room in your house for a single person, your keywords should be ‘room for one person at a cheap rent’ or something similar.


Because your target audience is going to use these keywords to search for what they are looking, it is best to use your keyword at once in the title and twice or thrice in the body depending upon the length of your ad copy.


Craigslist Posting Services attract their target audiences in much the same way and it definitely generates great results.


4- Tracking Your Posted Ads


This is one of the essential strategies to incorporate into your Marketing Campaign if you want increased lead generation through Craigslist.


The best practice is to make two or three different copy of your ads and two or different ad titles and then track each ad’s performance separately.


See what gets the most hits and then streamline your postings according to the response.


You should also track your ads with different keywords in the same manner to get the best results.


Alternatively, a Craigslist Posting Service can do a better job in less time if you choose to hire one.


5- Keep an Eye on the Competition


The best way to optimize your Craigslist Ad Campaign is to keep a wary eye on your competition.


This tactic works best if you are just breaking out on the Craigslist marketing scene. See what others in your niche are posting and what is getting the most response. Then tailor your campaign in line with the findings.


6- Give a Call to action


Always give a call to action.


This is one of the biggest impediments to grabbing leads that have clicked on your ad. And this mistakes costs many like you to lose a lot in revenue and lead generation.


Give your potential customers an incentive to click on your link instead of going back. Including a line like ‘contact now and get a 10% discount’ or “first ten customers will get a free XYZ” will give you a great edge over your competitors and increase lead generation immensely.


7- Add Website / Service Page URL


Our experience as a successful Craigslist Ad Posting Service has shown that adding a link to your service or website homepage increase your lead generation and conversion ratio to a great extent.


Moreover, having a website generally gives your potential customer the idea that your business or service is authentic and real. This gives you an edge in a world where scams are commonplace and customers are very skeptical of that.


8- Mention a number of feedback


You can skyrocket your legitimacy on Craigslist by doing a very simple thing: include your clients’ flattering feedback in your ads or a link to those. You will see an immediate rise in your lead generation and conversion ratio.


As an experienced Craigslist Ad Posting Service, we have tried and tested this method many times and have always gotten great results for our valued clients.


9- Properly Aligned ad text


Aligning your text makes it easy for the user to go through your ad and your chances of getting a customer greatly increase.


Research as well as our experience condones this fact: ads with properly aligned texts lead to greater lead generation.


10 – Quick Response


Quick response to queries from your Craigslist Ads leaves a lasting good impression on your customer and you can retain them for a long time with this practice. Quick response is also important if you don’t want to lose your lead to your competitors.


11- Multiple Response Mediums


Be sure to include multiple response mediums like phone call, text and email to make sure that you can engage all types of customers.


Due to scams, shyness, wariness of customers and many other reasons, different people prefer different communication mediums and it is best to accommodate your potential customers found on Craigslist to retain them for a long term.


12 – Use a Professional Craigslist Posting Service


Hire a Professional and top rated Craigslist Posting Service like Outsource 2 Freelancers or Cheap Craigslist Posting Service and let go of all the tedious work involved in managing and optimizing your Ad Campaign to garner best results.


13- Keep Text Information-Centric


Keep the text of your ad comprehensive and information-centric and avoiding using filler and junk text in your body to keep the reader interested throughout your ad.


If your ad has too long of a description involving unnecessary details, nobody is going to read it till the end.


So you can lose a number of leads due to a silly mistake.


14- Post & Renew Ads


Posting ads is not enough. You have to renew them after a while to make them stay on top.


Every day, every hour, there are hundreds and thousands of ads posted on Craigslist? Users do not have the time to go through every ad and mostly, CL users look through the top 10 or 20 ads in a section.


In order to get leads, you have to make your ad stay on top. You can do that by renewing and re-posting your ads after a suitable amount of time.


15- Post in Right Category


Posting in the right category is an important aspect of optimizing your Craigslist Ad Campaign.


Craigslist users use filters to find what they are looking for so it is extremely important to post your ad in the right category.


If you post a ‘for rent’ ad in the ‘for sale’ section, it’s not going to get any hits as nobody is looking for a place to rent in the ’for sale’ section.


16- Highlight Phone Number and Offer


Highlight your contact number and any special offer or discount that you are offering for a specific call to action to direct the user’s attention to contact you immediately.


17- Share you Post on Social Media


Sharing your post on social media will give you extra links and a wider audience hence more chances of lead generation and conversion.


18- Use Recommended Setting for Email Address to Avoid Spamming


Craigslist has devised a system for replying to a post or an email and we, in our capacity as an experienced Craigslist Ad Posting Service, would recommend that you use that for all correspondence through Craigslist.


You don’t have to give away your phone number or email so as to prevent scammers and spammers from bothering you.