Craigslist was founded by Craig Newmark almost two decades ago, in 1995. Basically, it was started as an email distribution list for friends notifying them of events in San Francisco Bay Area. Within a year, it grew into a web-based service and now it is the 17th most visited website in the US according to Alexa.

Craigslist Alexa Rank

Craigslist has undergone many changes in its methods of check, balance and operation since its inception.

Today, CheapCraigslistPostingService, your reliable and trustworthy Craigslist Posting Service will share with you some information on things that have gone obsolete on Craigslist with time.

Read on to find out what these obsolete practices are.


Things that are Out-Dated on Craigslist


1) Images in Description

Until a few years ago, Craigslist allowed you to add images in the text or description of your ad but that is not possible anymore.

Now, you have to upload images using the given option for that purpose after you have filled the given form for description.

A maximum of 24 images can be posted with a single ad.


2) Clickable Links

To stop the continuous, great deluge of spam filled with hidden links that annoyed Craigslist users to no end,

Craigslist banned clickable links from ads altogether.

HTML or no HTML, you can’t add clickable links to your ads anymore.

A bummer for people using Craigslist Posting Services for posting countless ads with hidden links everyday on their behalf but a great improvement in an average Craigslist user’s experience.


3) Ghosting of Posts

Craigslist used to ghost your ads till a few years ago. Basically, Craigslist sent you an email notifying that your ad has gone live when in actuality, it was never published. There were many reasons behind this process, the most common one being that Craigslist algorithm considered it as spam or fraudulent.

Now, ghosting on Craigslist has been replaced by flagging, the process through which Craigslist’s system or the users themselves can mark an ad as spam.


4) Ad Expiration

Ads on Craigslist used to expire after 30-40 days but now, some ads get expired after 7 days only, depending upon the city that these ads are posted in.

In such a scenario, a professional Craigslist Ad Posting Company like ours.. can be a great help as they can keep track of all your ads and repost them immediately when they expire.


5) Free Ad Posting on Craigslist

Ad Postings in Job, Service, Sales Section became paid in most of cities on Craigslist a long time ago. But now, job postings are almost paid in all cities except a few of them which do not receive a lot of traffic.

Therefore, it is recommended to hire a professional Craigslist Posting Service to do the job so that your money is spent effectively, with results that actually benefit you in every way.

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