Q) How long will you keep my ad campaign running?

You decide the running time-span of your ad campaign.


Q) What is meant by PVA?

PVA Stands for Phone Verified Account. Craigslist Accounts need PVAs for Posting ads in USA and Canada.


Q) Will you require that I provide my own Phone Verified Accounts (PVA)?

No. We arrange PVA for all our ad campaigns by ourselves.


Q) What is meant by Ghosting? Is it still a thing on Craigslist?

Ghosting is the term used to define the situation when you post an ad on Craigslist and you get notified that it got published but it never goes live actually.

Mostly, Flagging is used by Craigslist staff to remove posts that they think are fraudulent.


Q) What does Flagging mean?

Any ad on Craigslist can be marked as spam,prohibited,uncategorized by Craigslist users or the system itself. This is called Flagging and it can lead to your ads getting deleted.


Q) Which days of the week do you post ads on?

We post throughout theek, at all days from Monday to Saturday.


Q) How many ads can be posted daily?

We can post anywhere from 2-1000 ads daily for your ad campaign, depending on your requirements.


Q) How will I know if my ads have been posted and are visible on the website?

After your ads go live, we provide weekly reports in the form of Google Docs with links to view your published ads.


Q) Do you need me to create my own ads and titles?

At the start of your campaign, we will need some sample titles, text and images from you and we will create the rest of the ads for you afterwards.

This is done to maintain the highest quality of work in line with the client’s requirements.


Q) When do you require payment for your service?

We take weekly upfront payments once you have booked an ad campaign with us.


Q) Once I have paid for my ad campaign, when will my ads be posted?

Once you have signed up with us, your ads will start getting posted within 48-72 hours of receiving first weekly payment.


Q) What payment modes do you accept?

We accept payments through Paypal / Western Union / Credit Card / Bank Deposit / ODesk (Upwork) and Elance.


Q) What is the minimum ad volume per day that you accept?

We post a minimum of 10 ads per day for a client.


Q) How many ads can you post for me in a single day?

We can post 1000 of ads for a client in a single day is 1000 ads.


Q) What percentage of the full payment do you require upfront?

We post free trail ads first. and then we’ll take full weekly upfront payments.