Creating PVAs or Phone Verified Accounts is while not a mandatory requirement from Craigslist, you need one or multiple PVAs if you plan to post ads to Craigslist over a long period of time. Because you might be able to skip phone verification once or twice, it will eventually come up and it’s better to start using Craigslist with PVAs than not.


In this article, Cheap Craigslist Posting Service will share with you all the steps you need to know to create quality PVAs that will help you post ads on Craigslist without a hitch.


Keep reading to find out.


Create Quality Craigslist PVA with Cheap Craigslist Ad Posting Service


1) Create a Gmail Account

First of all, you need to create an email account. While all accounts work for posting on Craigslist including Yahoo and Hotmail, we have found in our experience as a fairly successful Craigslist Ad Posting Company that Gmail accounts work best for Craigslist.


2) Sign Up on Craigslist

Go to and sign up with the Gmail account that you have created.

Signup for PVAs for posting ads on criagslist


3) Verify your Account via Email

After you have signed up for a Craigslist account, you will get an email on Gmail to verify your account through a link in the email. Click on the link to get your Craigslist account verified.

craigslist account activation from email


4) Post an Ad

Once your account is verified from email, Go and post an ad on Craigslist. Create a good quality ad (read this article for how to post live ad on craigslist) and when you post it, Craigslist will ask for phone verification.


5) Verify your Account


Verify through Text or Call

Verify your account with a phone number. Remember to use a local phone number for the area that you intend to post the ad in.

If you don’t have a local number for the region, you can purchase those from providers.

That is the most valuable advice we have for you as an experience Craigslist ad Posting Service in our almost years of experience. It will save you from a lot of unnecessary trouble later on.


6) Verify through Text or Call

When Craigslist asks for phone verification, you get the option of verifying through call or text message. Choose your preferred option and you will get a code in call or text from Craigslist.

Enter that code in the given box and you are good to go from now on. You have a legit Phone Verified Account!