Posting Ads on Craigslist with the guarantee of them going live is not a given thing anymore. With the deluge of spammers that try to ruin the Craigslist experience for everyone else, Craigslist has toughened its Terms of Services so much that posting live ads on Craigslist has become more like an art form than mere classified ad posting.


And before you ask why posting your ads on Craigslist is important or relevant anymore, let us calm your concerns already.


While it’s true that Craigslist has become a hub for shady businesses too, some of its sections still hold so much worth that you can easily afford to neglect the waste that litters the Craigslist universe here and there.


Craigslist is the 11th most visited website in the US according to Alexa, with millions of unique visitors every month. Just consider the number of eyeballs on your ads if you manage to post live ads on Craigslist and keep them so for a long time.


Sections like Real Estate, Job Postings and For Sale have loads of credible ads posted every day and millions of users go through them to find what you are looking for.


That is why Craigslist can be an effective marketing tool for your business or even if you are trying to sell or promote something individually, it can help you attain your goal with just a little bit of effort.


Read the following tips at Cheap Craigslist Posting Service to find out how.


Top 15 Tricks to Stop Flagging on Craigslist:


1) Always use Native IP for posting your ads in various regions. Otherwise, your ad will get deleted after getting flagged as it is against Craigslist TOS to post in regions other than your own.


2) Verify your Craigslist account on a local number, i-e the number should belong to the state or region you are posting your Ad in. You can use Google Voice for this purpose.


3) Use ad titles that are engaging and attention-grabbing at the first glance. Infuse your ad with humor, sarcasm or light-hearted narcissism to appeal to Craigslist users’ fun side. Everyone likes a good joke so you better use it to your advantage.


4) Keep the description short and the tone of it conversational. The days for formal and sales-y ad copies are long gone and you too need to move on to stay at the top.


5) Renew your ads only after 48 hours. The option becomes available after your ad has been posted for 48 hours. Don’t post the same ad as a new ad because that will lead to flagging. You will have the option to repost the same after 30 to 40 days, when it expires.


6) Post only 4 to 5 ads from a single account on Craigslist, specially if you have just started on Craigslist. And the best thing to avoid the risk of spamming is to switch to a new account after posting 20 ads from one single account.


7) Post your ad in the right category. Posting in the wrong category will not only get you zero customers (as people are not looking for that particular item in the category), it can also get your post deleted for being mistaken as spam.


8) Use a specific account for posting through a specific native IP only. Don’t use a single account for posting on Craigslist through multiple IPs as it can become a serious headache later for renewing, reposting and tracking your ads.


9) Use Gmail accounts for posting as in our experience as a Craigslist Posting Service, they work better than Yahoo and Hotmail accounts.


10) Don’t use junk text in the body.


11) Use unique descriptions for every ad that you post on Craigslist.


12) Keep your ad titles relevant to the category you are posting in on Craigslist to avoid getting flagged.


13) Don’t use styling in your posts anymore. Craigslist donot like it.


14) Avoid using website URLs and phone number on images. Your ad will get flagged.


15) Don’t use iframes or frames as its no longer allowed by Craigslist.


Follow these simple Craigslist Posting rules and your ads will not get flagged, we promise!